Achievements & Successes


Thinking strategically to pragmatically acting

Solutions at all levels, from passion to vision, to core strategy, to corporate competencies, to implementation, to the appropriate numerical framework, to organisation building, the process house, personnel development, individual coaching –

Vision & Strategy“Motivation Makes Management®”Align strategy & motivations
Strategy Implementation:“Agile Completion ManagementRigorous implementation
Innovation Management:“Innovation Bridge”Building innovative companies
Business Model Design“Business Model Innovation”Business model construction
Financials“Economic Engine”Key Change Indicators driving growth
Product-Management“Design Thinking”Practical, customer driven solutions
Business ProcessHuman Workflows  Business Process Implementation
Organisational Design“Orange Fields”Competency driven development
Personal Development“Big five for live®”Personal & Company Coaching
Digitalization“Industrie2Platform”Designing digital companies




one person – one complete solution

1999 Establishment and operation of a high-potential programme and pool

2000 First project in the field of artificial intelligence (AI)

2002 Second largest employer branding campaign in Germany designed, implemented and operated

2004 Founding the first out of five companies

2006 Erstes agiles Projekt

2006 Set-up and operation of the complete human resources department of a consulting company

2007 Introduction of the “Authentic Leadership Style” in the middle management of a billion-dollar company

2008 – 2009 Largest HR campaign for the largest software eco-system in the DACH region

2009 – 2010 Development, training, management of a sales organisation with up to 36 employees

2012 Training as Big 5 for Life Coach by John Strelecky in person

2013 First implementation of “Motivation Makes Management®”, i.e. complete alignment of the success of the management team of a group of companies with their motivations.

2014 Successors Success successfully realised for the first time with a company handover

2016 Client receives the Hermes Award from Barack Obama for the developed Industry 4.0 solution (IoT)

2017 Strategy & Business-Transformation Project from Service to Platform

2018 First Innovation Bridge project to build an Industry 4.0 platform

2019 Establishment of an HR process library

2020 Corona surviver 🙂 Birth of my second daughter and wedding

2020 Placement of a CIO in a diverse conglomerate making about 300 million €.

2021 Start of the first “Do-It-Yourself” project for the development of a Strategic Human Resources Development